Frequently asked questions

Do you offer home delivery?

That's a great idea, but we do not at this time.

What if the equipment breaks while I'm lending it but it's not my fault?

We thoroughly check each piece of equipment before we lend it out, and we make every effort to only lend out high quality and safe equipment. However, if something breaks or malfunctions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can replace the equipment for you. We handle equipment repair/replacement costs on a case-by-case basis.

What if I forget to bring back my equipment by the deadline?

We will call and remind you of your equipment's due date in advance, and if you are late we will follow up with you. As long as you check your phone daily, we will help you remember. Extra fees may apply.

Can I lend the equipment to anyone else while I am borrowing it?

We recommend and insist in only using the equipment for its intended use by its intended recipient as per our lending contract. The person signing the equipment out is taking responsibility for it and its use.

You charge a fee, aren't you government funded?

Unfortunely, we are not funded by the Health Ministry through Alberta Health Services nor do we receive funding from any other Ministry or government source. Earlier in 2019, our FCSS eligibility was also reviewed and it was decided at the provincial level that lending intiatives do not qualify to receive financial assistance for operating costs like rent. Currently, there are no direct funding streams available to us. We rely on our service fee revenue, corporate and individual donations, fundraisers and grants as they become avaiable in order to manage the equipment, facility and program.

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